WS1 in blue finished

The new wee shield came out very nice.

I went with a black Celtic knot design, and matching blue armpad, with black strapping.

The pictures are not the best, but I hope to remedy that soon.

WS2 coming..

I intended to make the next WS2 shield using a green leather edging, but I’m having to switch it up, and I’ll be applying a creme coloured leather edge instead.

It should look quite nice against the stained back.

Not the best pic, but does show the lightness of the leather

green leather…

I had a section of green leather sitting around, so I figured I’d

prep some strips for use on the border of a wee shield later..

Could look pretty cool!

My heater..

My shield (shield#1) is coming along nicely.

It’s kind of a prototype-in-progress, and I’m learning a lot whilst practicing on my shield.

Here, the leather work is finished, and I’m feeling it out..

I painted the rivets over…for no good reason, except maybe it was easier..