Not sure I’ll be able to give this one up…

although the colors are the reverse of my COA

It’s not finished: have more colors to add in, plus a tongue..eye…


Red Heater

Decided to do a red field color…

I think I’m envisioning a lion rampant….

Maybe 3 white ones…which would make this a Scottish shield..

We’ll see


new WS1 complete

I decided to use some soft blue paint that I had on hand to color this one.

This is different from the others in that I painted the wood directly, and it
came out fine.

As usual, the hue isn’t represented well in the pics, compared with the real thing, but it gives a close enough picture to get the idea.

I look forward to getting these in the hands of some excited and adventurous kiddoes, and have them be transported to far off lands, slaying dragons and battling the bad guys…