Lionheart Shield

This one is being finished in the colors of Richard I, the emblazon of which would read: “Or, a Lion rampant Gules” which is of course, in it’s most basic form, without border, or any additional lion rampant: thought to be possibly the first incarnation of his more well known shield of three lions, which followed later.

A blank slate…

I’ve got one of this style waiting in the wings to be finished…

Below is an example of how the back looks, on another of the same type.

Fancy owning a shield?

The shieldery is active again!

New shields are coming!

Things have been a little quiet on the shield front as of late: due largely to life things.. but also due to a new woodworking adventure I’m undertaking. I’ll just say that it involves a lathe, metal, brass, and long hole boring…

Hope you are well, wherever you are,




This is a mid-late 13th century
styled shield,  yet to be finished.








This will be a couple of heaters(HS1 style)










New heater

This one will be with a lion rampant.

The colors will match my COA, so I might fancy holding onto this one..


leather on the Lion shield

The spacing came out a bit on the large size for both the buckled end, and the grip.

Unsure if I want to adjust or not, as that of course, entails unsetting the rivet..

Maybe a bulky fellow will be interested  in purchasing

I decided to bite the bullet, and reposition the leather.

All fixed now.


A busy day in the shieldery

I believe it’s finished, though I’ll give it a once over before spraying poly…




Here, I’ve begun work on what COULD become “my shield”…we’ll see


“Or a lion rampant Gules langued Azure within an orle of gouttes d’sang.”
Yep, that’s what it would be….