Activity in the Shieldery

I had some awesome assistance tonight…Ms Molly has taken a keen interest in the making of shields…she traced the shape of the next HS1 🙂

Thanks Molly!



here’s a new blank I’m painting…








A new HS1 being pressed!









Molly’s new shield gets a coating of linseed oil








new tools…

this photo shows a few neat things..

a lathe bed extension, a new vise, and behind the drill press, is the heater shield that’s close to being finished for shipment




Lionheart Shield

This one is being finished in the colors of Richard I, the emblazon of which would read: “Or, a Lion rampant Gules” which is of course, in it’s most basic form, without border, or any additional lion rampant: thought to be possibly the first incarnation of his more well known shield of three lions, which followed later.