Red Heater

Decided to do a red field color…

I think I’m envisioning a lion rampant….

Maybe 3 white ones…which would make this a Scottish shield..

We’ll see


new WS1 complete

I decided to use some soft blue paint that I had on hand to color this one.

This is different from the others in that I painted the wood directly, and it
came out fine.

As usual, the hue isn’t represented well in the pics, compared with the real thing, but it gives a close enough picture to get the idea.

I look forward to getting these in the hands of some excited and adventurous kiddoes, and have them be transported to far off lands, slaying dragons and battling the bad guys…

New wee shield

A new WS1 in the making…

looks like this is going to have a soft blue background(doesn’t show well in the pic)